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Your wedding day, and the events surrounding it, are unlike any day you ever have or will experience again. It's also different from anyone else's wedding day, and we take great care to create a film that is unique and authentic to your story. Our creative services list is a product of our mastery of storytelling methods that enable us to offer you a film that is all- encompassing, and steeped in authenticity. Take a look at what we have to offer, and then get in touch with us to discuss how we'll visualize your story.

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Highlight Film

The creative standard. A concise and beautiful distillation of your wedding day. The length of highlight films vary, usually based on the filmmaker's discretion and determined by the footage captured on the day(s), but always after consultation with the bride and groom.

Full-Length Ceremony Film

In addition to your highlight film, we can also film the entire ceremony. We capture a wide shot of the entire ceremony, inserts of your walk down the aisle, close-ups of your vows and "I do"s, and the announcement of man and wife. We accomplish all of this discretely so that the focus is always on you, and deliver it to you on DVD or Blu-Ray. It is a beautiful memento to watch on your anniversaries, or to show your kids when they grow up.

Super 8 Film

Super 8 cameras were used a lot in the 70's, and you'll probably associate the look of their footage with old home movies. These cameras instill a feeling of instant nostalgia to your wedding film, and in our opinion aren't relics of the past but time capsules that still produce beautiful images today. The footage can be interspersed throughout the original highlight film, or we can make a separate film of only the Super 8 footage.

Family Interviews

Many couples choose us because of the almost documentary-like approach to our storytelling, and family interviews go hand-in-hand with that style. The strength of this really depends on how willing your parents are to be interviewed, but in the past we've had great results. When you watch this film 30 years down the road, it's these interviews that you'll cherish the most. Not many people have keepsakes like this to remember their parents by. It's a special privilege that we really enjoy making possible.

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

If you'd like to document and remember the first night of celebration, we can join you at the rehearsal dinner and capture all of the toasts as well as a few essential shots of the location and guests. A lot of times we use the speeches from the rehearsal dinner to carry the highlight film. We can also add the full round of toasts onto the full-length ceremony vid or give you a DVD/BluRay box set with the rehearsal dinner on its own disk!

Drone Coverage

If you're getting married at a location with particularly picturesque landscape or architecture, it's hard to overlook the drones ability to capture that beauty from an all-encompassing vantage point. When applied to your wedding video, this element sets the scene and reminds you how grand the day really was. It's not right for every location, but if your venue is truly breathtaking, this is definitely something you want to consider.

All-Day Audio

Situation: spontaneous sing along breaks out while you're getting your hair and makeup done with your bridesmaids (it happens more often than you'd think!), or maybe your husband whispers something sweet to you when he sees you in your wedding dress for the first time. You're going to want to remember those things! It requires a sound operator with a boom microphone to follow us around during these special moments, but it's worth it, and our team is very professional. Having these poignant moments preserved in HQ audio recording makes for great material when building the video of your day.

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